30% Off JCPenney Coupons & Promo Codes

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You might be a regular customer of JCPenney. It is a store that addresses the needs of numerous individuals. Many people shop for various items at the store. While you might be tempting to buy something, the price point is something that can hinder and limit your shopping at JCPenney. However, there are a few things that you can consider. Though JCPenney discount might be limited, you can save hundreds using the following tips and tricks.

Shop around sale

There are times when you will get things for as much as 50% off or even more at JCPenney. However, for that, you need to keep your eyes at the sale schedule.
A sale is held every four weeks but it comes under the rare sales. So, you got to watch out for it. The home décor items go for as much as 50% off and same applies to the paper crafts. Moreover, you can also see fabrics being sold at 30% discount. This type of Black Friday Sales comes every year so be sure to watch out for it.

Every three weeks, you will find yarn and needle art items at 30% discount. Crafts also go for sale once each three weeks and that too at 30% discount. If you are an artist, you will find art supplies being sold for 40 to 50 percent off whereas the DIY jewelry kits and other jewelry making items can be found at 50% off.

Once in two weeks, the floral products and frames are sold at 50% discount. So, you might be able to find your favorite plant or a catchy frame at a reasonable price. Stickers, which include 3D stickers too, are also available at 50% while ribbon, trim and tulle spools are sold at 30% discount.

Other than that, you will find art supplies, jewelry, home décor and products from a few other categories on sale more often than not.

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Use the coupons

JCPenney regularly come up with coupons for its customers. There are individuals who don’t want to wait for the 50% off sale. There is no assurance that the item they look to buy will still be there. And even if it is there, you may find that it is not available at 50% off. There might not be any discount offered at all. So, the JCPenney coupons come in handy. The 40% off coupon is eligible per person per day at one item. You can find it easily in the weekly ad sent out by JCPenney. The coupon can be used online too.
Do note that the coupon expires at the end of each week. So, be certain that you go with the most up to date coupon which is eligible. Discount won’t be available at the expired coupons.

The hack behind 40% coupon

Many individuals find it hard to buy the items they like. It is because the 40% coupon comes with a limitation. It is eligible for one item per day per person. Therefore, people are likely to miss out on several items they like. However, what many individuals miss is the valuable hack behind this coupon.
Line up your kids and family members, including kids who can operate credit card machines. Why? Well, the coupon says one person per day, not one person per family! So, you can hand over the coupon to each family member and use this hack to purchase several items of your choice.